I need a vacation and I venture to guess I am not alone. Yet these crazy times are not conducive to taking time off (owning a business means I am actually working twice as hard to manage the business in a time of crisis), nor to traveling. So this weekend, I am taking a “staycation” instead. 

I am embracing the idea that this weekend is going to be a true mini vacation, without the exhaustion of travel, without the task of packing. This is what my staycation is going to look like. 

  1. I am setting my intention, to unplug, recharge, and rest. 
  2. I am going to sleep 10 hours minimum Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 
  3. I am going to limit my screen time to… well, to less. 
  4. I am going to play tourist in my own city: I can’t wait to walk to the Mall, discover Black Lives Matter Plaza, enjoy a cocktail on an outside patio of a restaurant I have never been to before (the research to find this dream place feels like researching a vacation destination).  
  5. I am going to give myself a facial and full body scrub. 
  6. I am not going to check my work email for 48 whole hours. 
  7. I am going to enjoy my yard, for the first time this season – Saturday date night by the grill with a great bottle of rose, and Sunday morning coffee with a great book. 
  8. I am going to forget about time. 

I am hoping this staycation gives me the fuel needed for another six weeks, when I will hopefully be able to travel to my vacation happy place, Tinos Greece. 

How do you staycation?