It’s in your eyes!

J’ai les yeux bleus et le teint clair. Ma peau est fine et délicate, et cela se remarque tout particulièrement dans la zone périorbitaire. Il y a bien sûr les petites rides qui se multiplient et donnent un aspect froissé à ma paupière inférieure. D’autre part, ma peau est si translucide à cet endroit que mes cernes en sont d’autant plus visibles. Je n’ai pas pour habitude de me maquiller, alors je suis preneuse de toute solution alternative pour rafraîchir et embellir mon regard !

Il y a quelques mois, nos médecins ont introduit un nouveau type d’injection pour booster le regard ; il s’agit d’un acide hyaluronique extrêmement fluide associé à un acide de fruit. Le premier est un hydratant et biostimulant naturel, et le second un agent éclaircissant puissant. Injecté en mini-gouttelettes sous, et autour des yeux, ce produit va progressivement dissiper la pigmentation des cernes, renforcer l’épiderme et atténuer les ridules.

Je me suis portée volontaire pour essayer ce traitement qui nécessite 3 séances espacées de 2 semaines, et je partage volontiers mon expérience.

Les aiguilles – bien qu’ultrafines – ça pique, et ça fait monter les larmes. Mais en appliquant un ice-pack sur les yeux quelques minutes avant la séance, la sensation de douleur est fortement diminuée. Après les injections, le contour de l’œil reste un peu gonflé pendant 24 heures. J’ai vu une amélioration des cernes dès la 1ère séance. Je pensais m’arrêter là mais Dr Schivo m’a bien expliqué que pour faire durer le résultat, il fallait planifier 3 séances à intervalle de 15 jours. J’ai obéi !

Deux mois après, je trouve mon regard nettement moins fatigué. Lorsque j’applique ma crème contour des yeux, je sens ma peau moins flétrie, plus résistante. Et en cette période ou le port de masque devient obligatoire dans de plus en plus de contextes, l’importance du regard est quintuplée. Plus que jamais, nos yeux se doivent d’exprimer à la fois la confiance, la force, la sérénité, la fraîcheur et l’éclat.

J’espère que ce témoignage a pu vous éclairer sur une des approches que la médecine esthétique nous offre pour sublimer notre regard.


« Look-Booster » à Forever Boutique et Forever Institut

390 CHF par séance // 990 CHF pack de 3 séances

Happy Beautiful Father’s Day

For Alchimie Forever’s Father’s Day Newsletter, Ada asked me a beauty related wisdom I learned from our dad, but there are so many that I wanted to share more than one with you.

  • Wear sunscreen. Every single day. Even though I’ve heard this my entire life, once in while I forget. I regret it instantly. I feel so stupid because I know that my skin aged one whole year in a single day. I know my shoulders, neckline and upper arms are the most sensitive, so on top of applying and reapplying sunscreen, I try to wear covering t-shirts instead of tank tops whenever I’m in the sun for a while. Also, having a SPF day cream helps me to never forget to protect my face.
  • Do not permanently mark your skin. Since I was twelve, I’ve thought of getting a tattoo, but each time I think about it, I keep hearing my dad’s voice and picturing our clients who come to Forever Institut to remove theirs.
  • Be physically active. It took me a while to understand that one. Growing up I used to horseback ride at least three hours a day so I never knew what not being physically active meant. When I stopped riding, it took me a while to find other physical activities I enjoyed as much and for a long time I felt like I had lost some of my power. A power that comes from within. A power that comes from feeling your body strong.
  • Stay away from your zits. You can definitively see on my face where I resisted the temptation of touching my zits and where I caved in. Thankfully, laser treatments exist to help erase the scars on my face. This will be the next treatment I’ll try this winter at Forever Institut.
  • Beauty should be present in all areas of your life. Create a lovely living and working space. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to clothes. Surround yourself with beautiful art pieces, whether it’s at home or at work. This is one of many qualities I love about my husband Guillaume. Thanks to his sense of esthetics, he makes our home so pretty and chooses the perfect clothes for me.
  • Everyone is beautiful at 20 years old. If you want to stay beautiful as life goes on, you have to take care daily of your skin, body and soul. I try my best, and for now I feel prettier at 31 than I did at 20.

Mountain life requires daily sun protection

On May 30thI turned 30. I celebrated with my friends and family in Nax, a village at an altitude of 1,300 meters in the Swiss mountains, where I am moving to next month. These past four days we discovered the area all together and it was amazing.

We hiked many trails around Nax. No need to take the car, you just come out the front door and start walking. We tasted delicious wines in the middle of vineyards at Simon Maye et Fils and Magliocco. We hiked our fist Via Ferrata, a protected climbing route. We swam in crystal blue mountain lakes and brunched outside in the yard of the house we had rented for the occasion.

The common theme linking this weekend’s activities was the sun. The region of Switzerland I am moving to, called the Valais, is known for many things, one of them being its micro climate. The sun shines more than 300 days a year.

I realized this weekend that if I want my skin to look as good at 40 than it does at 30, I’m going to have to change my skin care routine. I will no longer be able to use sunscreen only on vacation (as Ada describes it in her latest blog post) because I will be exposed to a burning sun on a daily basis. I need to integrate sun protection into my daily routine. Not only once a day, but every time I go outside or even get into my car (I just realized my car does not have UV protecting glass), and not only on my face, but neckline and hands as well.

I do not want to wake up in ten years and realize my skin is full of wrinkles, spots and redness I could have prevented by better skincare. Hence, the Alchimie Forever Protective day cream SPF 23 is definitely getting placed on my bathroom shelf and in my bag so I can reapply regularly throughout the day.