Closet Resolutions

Last week, Roxane wrote about the liberating effect of cleaning out her closet. 

I am proud to say that my closet is quite edited, and quite minimalist. However, her blog post, and my friend Erin’s commitment to look as fabulous as ever during her radiation treatments, made me think. I do have some work do to in terms of my clothes and accessories. I have a few things to purchase, and I own a few things I never wear that I should wear.

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Closet detox: how liberating!

One of my sisters, Cyrille, introduced me to the Mari Kondo decluttering method, after she herself had several coaching sessions with @Clarity. Last weekend we detoxed my entire wardrobe. First step: take all my clothes off their hangers and out of my drawers. The pile was surprisingly huge! Second step: try on every single item…

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