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The Polla family has built an empire within the beauty industry, and their three businesses, Alchimie Forever, Forever Institut, and Forever Boutique, serve as the foundation. Each business is something special but combined they make strides in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Dr. Luigi Polla, co-founder of Alchimie Forever, embraced the practice of aesthetic medicine and laser therapy early on, and was the first physician to bring laser technology to Europe after his fellowship at the Wellman Labs at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he worked with Professor Rox Anderson. With over thirty years of dermatological experience and with the help of his wife Dr. Barbara Polla, Dr. Luigi Polla created the first European medical spa, Forever Institut. Click here for more information.

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The inspiration behind Alchimie Forever is two-fold, beginning with Dr. Barbara Polla’s idea that taking care of one’s skin should be viewed as an essential ritual instead of a chore, telling her four daughters that “looking good, means feeling good, means doing good.” This belief established itself as the brand’s philosophy, strengthened by Dr. Luigi Polla’s use of lasers, which led to his keen understanding that how a person looks is vitally important to their overall well-being. Alchimie Forever blends both doctors’ appreciation for skincare as a ritual and their expertise in anti-aging to provide an at-home / at-spa experience unlike any other. Click here for more information.


Forever Boutique founded by the Polla sisters, Cyrille, Rachel, Ada, and Roxane, was the first step in their take over of the family business. As their first start-up, creating a space where beauty, medicine and feeling good was essential to building on the family legacy. The store aims to make aesthetic medicine more available to the public and uses the medical knowledge and foundation set by Forever Insitut. Click here for more information.