Reopening… to the new normal

Over the past week, we have started to see some states (in the US) and some countries begin to reopen – including the reopening of various beauty businesses. In Georgia for example, salons reopened last Friday April 24th (the first state to reopen salons). Across the pond, Switzerland reopened this past Monday April 27th, and their beauty businesses including salons, spas, and medical spas were allowed to reopen during Phase 1. 

At least here in the US, this reopening of salons in Georgia has generated much controversy. The naysayers have said things such as “It’s too early.” “It’s all about vanity and beauty should wait.” “It’s not safe.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, many stylists and salon owners are thrilled to be back to work, and guests are flocking to the salons to get long overdue services. This article gives a great overview of the debate.

As a consumer of all things beauty, I look forward to returning to my favorite Washington DC salons and spas whenever the local government deems it safe.  

As a participant in the beauty industry, I know that state boards of cosmetology are working around the clock to issue the best possible safety guidelines that will shape our new normal. We will see new personal protective wear for therapists and guests, including masks, face shields, gloves, and more. New restrictions on how many people can be in salons and spas at the same time. New policies for waiting areas (bye bye magazines and beverage services) and for check in and check out (online payment and rebooking is more relevant today than ever). And more. 

As a Polla sister, I admire the work Rachel and Cyrille have done to create new systems at Forever Institut and Forever Boutique to welcome our patients back. And I am so very grateful for our patients who are trusting us to continue to create a safe environment for them, and provide the highest quality treatments. 

And as a human, I ask that we all be kind, considerate, and compassionate with one another during this time of transition. We are, truly, all in this together, albeit all in different boats. 

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