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Covid-19 seems to be in everyone’s mind and conversation… It has been a great opportunity to learn more about my team and business.

Covid-19 seems to be in everyone’s mind and conversation. What started as a “far-away” problem suddenly became an anxiogenic reality very close to us – even more so now that cases have been declared in Geneva. Being an optimistic and rarely anxious woman, I was not alarmed nor did I judge it necessary to act upon this situation. I felt however that my father took it very seriously and needed to be reassured. That is why I took things in hand at Forever; and I am glad I did, because this experience has been a wonderful opportunity to learn more about my team and my business. What have I noticed so far?

First of all, that we are quick to lose our sense of judgement. Let me share an anecdote to illustrate this point. I entered our common room while one of our laser-hair-removal therapists advised her colleague to double-check her client because she had just come back from Mexico. The former, looking surprised, replied “but there are no cases of Corona virus in Mexico”! Actually, what her colleague meant was that the client’s skin might be tanned, and therefore react more strongly to the laser treatment. This did make us all laugh… even though it shows our brains function differently when we are preoccupied.

A very positive consequence of the Covid-19 situation is that – contrary to my presumption – it brought our team closer. We have all been more caring with one another, sharing good advice and news, asking whether we’ve taken our daily vitamin and echinacea supplements to boost our immune system. Those staff members that are less anxious naturally took it upon themselves to reassure their more hypochondriac colleagues.

Our clients have also been very grateful and appreciative of how thoughtful we have been in the situation, offering them hand sanitizers and Alchimie Forever’s Dry Skin Balm in every treatment room, reception, and waiting areas. The timing is actually pretty fitting since we have just launched our new packaging on this product. I told you I tend to always see the positive in life 😉


Lastly is the first time in my life as a CEO I am confronted to the possibility of a major external risk to the business, challenged to find the appropriate dose of prevention and empathy towards those who are more scared than I am, without over-reacting and generating useless panic. I am finding the exercise extremely interesting and enriching, and my next read will be about crisis management. There’s still a lot to learn.

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