No more moustache

When I think about hair removal, I automatically think legs, armpits and bikini but recently I’ve added moustache to my list.

I’ve always known I had a moustache; I mean I could see it in the mirror, but I never thought about removing it. I thought waxing would stimulate the hairs to grow darker and thicker. I though laser would burn my skin knowing how my face is inevitably always somewhat exposed to the sun.

Nevertheless, the discrete but distinct shadow it drew on my face always bothered me.

I finally crossed that bridge about a year ago and I love the results. Since I’ve started, the hair has remained the same rather than becoming thinker and I’ve been going once a month and the hair does not grow any faster. The treatment is fast and therefore much less painful than other areas such as the bikini.

Recently I’ve decided it’s time for laser hair removal and I realized that I need not worry about my face being tan because every morning I apply Alchimie Forever’s Protective day cream SPF 23. I simply need to remind myself to reapply before I go outside during the day.

My face definitely looks more feminine without a moustache, I feel much prettier and my hairdresser has stopped telling me my moustache gives him a hard-on.


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