Happy & Sexy Countdown

In 5 months, my partner and I will be celebrating our love and commitment to one another; an outdoors wedding in tune with the summer solstice. Obviously, I want the whole experience to be as magical as in my childhood dreams: the sunset between the vineyards and the lake, the gathering, the dress, the music, the love declaration… And I wish to feel my most beautiful self, to honor and dazzle my man, our families and friends. Do you see what I’m getting at? 😉

chateau lacoste

So here’s my Forever beauty countdown program to get ready for the D-Day

  • Laser hair removal: already done!
  • D-5 months (now): start using Alchimie Forever’s Advanced Retinol Serum twice a week at night
  • D-4 months: laser facial with Picosure Focus to fade away brown sunspots and tighten my skin (I’ve already done 1 session, so 2 more to go over the next two months)
  • D-2 months: A light version of the Softlift , performed by my dad Dr Luigi L. Polla. A very subtle and natural way to enhance my facial features (cheekbones, jawline), reduce the under-eye circles and nasolabial folds, and most importantly generally rejuvenate my skin
  • D-7 weeks: Hyaluronic acid filler to plump-up my lips (not the ones you think; see my blog on the injection of the “other lips” ….)
  • D-6 weeks: Get a Hydrafacial Boost and start using the Pigment Lightening Serum of Alchimie Forever to complement my treatment
  • D-2 weeks: get a Hydrafacial Pamper to have the perfect skin tone and enjoy a little bit of pampering on top
  • D-3 days: my sister Cyrille has advised an eye-lash tint. Knowing me, for sure there will be tears! That way no mascara leaks 😉
  • D-2 days: a lymphatic drainage should help me relax and detox
  • D-day: my Forever Beauty program being over, I will get my make-up and hair done by Le Bal des Créateurs, the crème de la crème in Switzerland

I’ll keep a beauty journal to share my experiences, as well as before and after pictures. Stay tuned!

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