This summer, as I turned 30, I came to the realization that my skin needs more attention than it did when I was 20. So when a new device, the HydraFacial, was recently introduced at Forever Institut, I gladly tested it. I love it.

To start, the therapist cleanses my face with the Alchimie Purifying facial cleanser. This sets the mood perfectly because my skin feels clean and fresh and ready for treatment. Added bonus, it smells so nice.

Now, on to HydraFacial. The machine has hermetic tips that are applied one after the other onto my face. Small circular movements are made until the whole surface has been covered.

This first tip delivers water to clean and exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and sebum. Thanks to the hermetic system, no water drips on your face.

The second tip applies glycolic and salicylic acids to the skin. These molecules provide deeper exfoliation and loosen deep pore dirt.

The third tip suctions the skin to remove all the impurities. It painlessly extracts debris from pores while feeling like a refreshing face massage.

The fourth tip delivers a mix of antioxydants to the skin. The therapist can add other molecules to the mix such as pure vitamin C. LED lamps are then applied on the skin to help infuse the products in the skin and enhance penetration.

For the final touch, the therapist applies the Alchimie Forever Protective Day cream SPF 23 to protect my skin from UV exposure post treatment.

I’ve done this treatment twice now (once a month) and I love the results. One or two zits appear right after but then for several weeks my skin feels so soft and my clogged pores are finally clean and free. My skin is brighter and especially with cold weather arriving, I can feel my sensitive skin is much calmer than usual.

If you haven’t tried this yet, please do so – it is perfect for all skin types including sensitive.

P.s. A very satisfying part of the treatment is that at the end you can look at the machine’s recipient that collected all your skin’s impurities and actually see all dirt that has been removed from your skin.


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