The beauty of lingerie

In two weeks, my husband and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, and this past august we celebrated our 16thanniversary together. There are a million reasons why I love Guillaume but ranging in the top ten is definitely the fact that he buys me beautiful lingerie. Come to think about it, I haven’t had to buy a single underwear in over 15 years.

I love picturing Guillaume in a boutique, choosing outfits for me, imagining how I will look in them. It does wanders for my body image. It makes me feel desired and makes me want to be as desirable as possible for him.

Feeling sexy and beautiful underneath my clothes is not only for Guillaume, mainly it is for me. At work (I work in a hospital) I usually can’t wear sexy clothes (especially not in the O.R.) but wearing lingerie underneath my scrubs makes me feel attractive and asserts me in my womanhood. It also contributes to keep me giddy all day, as if I was constantly holding a very crispy secret all to myself.

Thanks to Guillaume I have the most exquisite drawers of lingerie with all the colors of the rainbow. Not only bra and underwear but thong, bustier, corset, lace, briefs, tulle, push-up, shorty, body suit, full cup, half cup, soft cup, nightdress, suspender belt and much more. Some of my favorite brands are Simone Perele, Aubade, Chantal Thomas, and Agent Provocateur.

Whether it’s your hubby or yourself buying lingerie, I strongly advise you start exploring.

Another thing I love about my husband and that does wanders for my body image is that he is a photographer and loves taking pictures of me. But that will be a story for another post.

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