Tips to a (serene) move

At one point in my life, I moved five times in six years… so I had to master the art of managing a move efficiently. Thursday, I did it again 🙂
Here are my tips for a successful move

At one point in my life, I moved five times in six years… so I had to master the art of managing a move efficiently. Wednesday, after five without a move, there I was again, packing boxes, preparing to move the next day. I was excited, and overwhelmed – which I still am three days later… But the new home is so worth-it!

Here are my tips for a successful move:

  • Timing is everything: Don’t start packing too early… I started about two weeks ago, and it was soon enough. Living in boxes isn’t that much fun (except for my cat)! Don’t wait until the last minute either. Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot to pack, believe me, you have more than you think! Packing all-nighters are no fun (speaking from experience).
  • Make sure you keep the weekend before you move commitment-free, appointment-free, completely free. This way, you can focus on packing.
  • Be organized:
    • Pack boxes by theme – the kid’s room, parents’ room, kitchen… don’t mix everything together, or you will go crazy unpacking!
    • Write details on all boxes – not just “kitchen” (how many “kitchen” boxes do we all have?) but “glasses & silverware” etc.
    • Being organized helps the movers, and you want the movers to be your friends. They will be grateful and happier to help you if they know where each box goes – rather than having to ask you for each one of them! This time, feeling creative,  I decided to name each room in my new house and put a note on each door with the correct name. You can also color code if you want.
  • Have takeout food the night before your move… so you can pack everything except for your coffee mug (and/or champagne flutes) for D-Day. And make sure you have a bottle of champagne or rosé wine – or anything you like to drink when you are on the verge of having a nervous breakdown – in the fridge, and a couple plastic cups. At some point, believe me, you’ll need it!
  • Finally, if you’re into clothes and feel like changing on a whim, or because of crazy weather fluctuations, pack a small carry on with clothes for the day of the move. That will also enable you to easily change for dinner, since everything will go so smoothly you’ll be able to go out for a nice celebratory dinner!


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