That one special pair of jeans

We all have that one special pair of jeans we love. That one that makes our legs look longer and thinner, our buttocks look rounder and firmer and our waist look smaller. We wear down those jeans until they have so many holes, we decently cannot go outside in them anymore. When we finally decide to part from them, we shed a little tear because we know how difficult it’s going to be to find another magical pair of jeans.

For me, that one special pair of jeans has always been from the brand 7 for all mankind. Every time I enter another store that sells jeans, I always try on a pair or two thinking that maybe this time will be different, but each time I come out empty handed.

For my past two birthdays, my husband bought me jeans from 7 for all mankind and to no one’s surprise, they fit me perfectly. He got me crops that I don’t usually go for, but it seems that whatever the crop, they fit me just right. This year, the gift was even more tailored made for me than the previous ones because the brand created a new crop, the Roxanne crop, and surely that’s the one my husband got me. So now, not only do I have that perfect pair of jeans, but it has my name on it, literally.

Another advantage of the Roxanne crop is that, it’s either made specially for small people or maybe it’s supposed to end above the ankles on tall people, anyhow, it’s the first time I haven’t had to shorten my jeans.

What about you? Where do you find that one special pair of jeans?

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