The beauty of art

We choose to express our personality in many different ways. Some people use jewelry and other accessories to express their style (read Ada’s latest post “Jewelry Styles for Music Festivals”), some use clothes, others use words or music, I use art. Each painting, sculpture, photograph, video I own tells a story about me in a way I’m incapable of sharing otherwise. If you want to know who I am, all you need to do is to look at what is hung on my walls. For me, this is the beauty of art.

Here are some pieces of my collection and what they say about me.


In Michaela Spiegel’s painting I see darkness, sensuality and sexuality.

91258a_38f6a33072e74993a076635618077fa4In Dana Hoey‘s photograph I see energy, youth and freshness.

img_5892.jpgIn Mounir Fatmi’s drawing I see religion and life and death in an operating room.

img_5909.jpgIn Rita Natarova’s paintings I see my obsession for the human body, I feel I can touch and smell it piece by piece.

BIGGS_BD_01.jpgIn Janet Biggs’ photograph I feel the power I used to feel while horseback riding.

img_5864.jpgIn Andrea Mastrovito’s painting I see my fear of being ordinary.

DSC_8796.JPGIn Abdul Rahman Katanani’s tree I see hope and defiance.


In Eli Stertz’s picture I see loneliness.

corrected+POLLA+FIRE+POEM+7.jpgIn Robert Montgomery’s fire poems I see the freedom in love and the fear of being captured.

cache_33063970In Ornela Vorpsi’s drawings I can feel myself in my husband’s arms and I see my need of physical contact.

img_5903.jpgIn Mat Collishaw’s superpositions I feel the beauty that can be found in violence.

img_5877.jpgIn Conrad Bakker’s painting I feel my anxiety to be lost in our society.

img_5865.jpgIn Elke Krystufek‘s photograph I see positivity and enthusiasm.

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