Rachel’s evening rituals

I discovered recently that morning rituals are a special part of my sister’s day, and I greatly enjoyed reading her blog on that subject. I see rituals like a “rendez-vous”, a promise, a rhythm that is both soothing and energizing. I wish to share my evening rituals with you, and how over the years I have come to shape this part of the day so as to make it just right for me.

My actions:

As soon as I come home, I take a shower to wash off my workday. It’s my way of letting go. I light up candles to create a warm and loving atmosphere – I love Baobab candles, which spread a delicious yet subtle scent. In winter I usually heighten the feeling with a log fire, whereas in summer, a glass of rose is the perfect complement – one of my favorite is Château Miraval.

I then spend time with my daughter, during which I take in – and give – as much love as I possibly can.

My thoughts:

Once the second part of my day (i.e. cooking, helping out with homework, reading and playing with my daughter) is over, I take time to reflect upon my day and any un-finished task. I either decide to resume work for about an hour in order to go to bed with a carefree mind, or I discuss the topic with my loved one. We are great at giving each other advice. Thankfully, he actually loves talking business and strategy after 10pm, sitting cozy on the sofa with a glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate. Ah yes… let me tell you that no day finishes better than with a piece of Lindt “Chocolat noir à la fleur de sel”.

My pampering:

I usually try to go to bed around 11pm, making sure I fall asleep before midnight. Being CEO has not changed my sleeping requirements – 6 to 7 hours. I sometimes feel that I should be able to sleep less to work more, but I decided to be unapologetic about that a year ago.

Before I go to bed, I remove my make-up with La Roche Posay Makeup Remover, wash my face with Alchimie Forever’s purifying facial cleanser, and apply Kantic calming cream. Once a week, I try not to forget the Retinol Serum. I light up some more candles in the bedroom to welcome my loved one, and never forget the “last touch”: Aveda’s hand relief, that I discovered when I visited the Paris Parker Salons in New Orleans, and absolutely adore.