#Pollasisters’ New Year’s resolutions

Discover the #Pollasisters’ 2019 résolutions: Ada and Cyrille who Always liked the exercise vs. Rachel and Roxane who rediscovered it this year!


Over the past 12 months, I have learned a great deal about myself; letting go of certain fears, trying to understand my needs, accepting some of my mistakes, believing in my strength, following my intuitions. I remembered that hardships like loss and grief are part of life’s contrasted landscape. Now that I’ve gone through that, I am tired, sure, but mostly excited for what is to come.

My main resolution for next year? To start dreaming again. I welcome 2019 with an open heart, holding a pen, a paper, and the promise not to lose sight of what makes me true.



I am a fan of New Year’s goals, New Year’s resolutions – even though I understand that the date of January 1 might be somewhat arbitrary. My list for 2019 is too long – indeed it is more a “life strategic plan” than a list of goals – but here are some of the ones that are new this year:

  • Write a full first draft of my book. (This one scares me, but putting it in writing will help hold myself accountable to this goal).
  • Read 15 books. (This will be more pleasure than pain!)
  • Always look (and thus feel) my best – from perfect eyebrows to a great outfit. (I need to pretend every day that I will run into my godmother Dominique – would she approve of my “look”?)
  • Drink more jasmine tea. Or simply drink jasmine tea. (I just read Ikigai and loved that recommendation in terms of a healthy habit).
  • Carry around less paper. (I constantly carry about 20 pounds of paper around and I know my back would be grateful if I could lighten that load somewhat).



Frankly, I never was a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because for the past several years I’ve never been able to live up to them. Today, I feel differently about them.

Every December 31st I decide I need to stop watching TV (yes, 100% stop), start every single day by exercising for 1h (yes, every single day!), and read the news, fiction, essays and scientific reviews. It will come as no surprise that just one week into January, I feel like a failure because I don’t follow my regimen to the letter. This week has been no different.

But then Rachel had the idea to write this blog about the Polla sisters’ 2019 resolutions, so I decided to rethink my old habits. At the end of 2018, Cyrille introduced me to a Podcast called « Change ma vie » (« Change my life ») by Clotilde Dusoulier. I have fallen in love with this podcast that is filled with personal development advice. Because of this podcast and Clotilde’s advice, I have shifted my 2019 New Year’s Resolution: I am going to continue to listen to this podcast and learn to be kinder to myself.

I can’t recommend this podcast enough – and if you who would prefer something in the English language, know that « Change ma vie » was inspired by « The Life Coach School Podcast » by Brooke Castillo.



When we were kids, we were encouraged (one might say requested!) to decide on our New Year’s resolutions and I must admit that I hated it… I banned them a few years as a grown-up. At 36, I finally feel ready to start the exercise again.

Thinking about 2019, I feel my word  for the year is equilibrium. I will work on three main goals:

First, professional. I often feel the day-to-day business takes all of my energy, when my mission is to stay strategic. I will make time to find a better equilibrium between the two.

Then, personal: I feel I need to find a better harmony between parenthood and preserving my strong couple; in 2017, I took more holidays with my soulmate than with our kids, and we felt guilty… Last year, we did the opposite and I admit I felt frustrated. I truly believe we can have it all: fabulous holidays with our kids, and ten days just the two of us. I just need to plan accordingly.

And finally, physically: last year, I worked out in spurts, with sometimes up to two months without any exercise. I miss having a clear work-out routine, pushing my limits further, feeling my body become stronger, and therefore feeling more powerful in every part of my life. I have committed to running the Geneva half-marathon in May, and my goal is to finish in 1h48. To get there, I must exercise more consistently. I look forward to discovering cardio winter sports such as cross-country ski and ski touring, and of course to continuing to run.

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