The Polla Sisters : from girls to women, from 2018 to 2019; by Barbara Polla (“the mother”)

Our Mom Barbara Polla did us the honor of writing our first 2019 blog – about us.

Once upon a time, the Polla Sisters were the Polla girls. They were « my » girls, although I never liked to use the possessive, as they do not belong to anyone but themselves. As they often refer to me in this blog, as a source of inspiration and learnings, I wanted to return the favor.

« When girls with a dream become women with a vision » they become this powerful, independent, impressive, gorgeous team. The team is all about sisterhood, womanhood, about caring, working, sharing, giving; about beauty, esthetics, smiling, thriving; it’s all about life and how complicated life can be for young women who want all of it.

At Christmas Eve, I suggested that all of those who were present (Roxane was working in the ER that night) share (specifically) why they love their children (and step children).  Ada to Parker, Cyrille to Leo, Rachel to Sasha. What was stunning, is that they focused on how much they learn from their children. How gorgeous it is, to see them grow, and to build their own future. Thank you they said, all of them to each of them.

Thank you Polla Sisters, thank you for being a team. We women need to work in teams to succeed, whatever success means to each of us. Thank you for supporting me in my thrive for independence, my work as a gallerist and a writer, my desire to be as useful to the world as I possibly can, all the while still wanting me to be caring, kind, fun – and beautiful. I learn as much from you as you may have from me!


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