“Lip” injections… keep reading it’s not about those lips!

One of my greatest accomplishments as CEO of  Forever Institut are the additions I have made to our team. Specifically, I am particularly proud to have recruited and hired Dr. Sophie Menkes, our Medical Director. She is dynamic, curious, and an entrepreneur at heart – a great match with the Polla Family and the Forever Institut culture!

One of my criteria in hiring her was to benefit from her innovative view on rejuvenation services, which is the core of our business. Under her guidance, we have added a new genre of rejuvenation treatment, namely vaginal rejuvenation: we now offer a complete range of possible treatments: nymphoplasty, stem cell treatments, laser rejuvenation (for tightening) and hyaluronic acid to plump the volume of the lips or rehydrate the vagina.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the joke “Oh, so now you inject all the lips!” But this is no joke, and a true need for women today – even if it is a need not spoke of during cocktail parties.

About a month ago, Dr. Menkes reached out to me in an emergency, as her training model had cancelled at the last minute for a large group training on hyaluronic injections “down there” that  could not be easily rescheduled. Would I step in as the model, she pleaded. So I took one for the team, and I did.

Here are the facts as I experienced them:

  • The anesthesia hurts but you don’t feel anything during the actual injection treatment.
  • The feeling right after is very bizarre, as you are still numb.  That was definitely a new feeling!
  • Once the anesthetia wore off, it felt like someone had kicked me “there” very hard. This lasted about two days and was actually the worst part of the whole experience.
  • As one does after hyaluronic injections anywhere else, it is important to massage the product  regularly for about three to four days post injections.
  • Sex is not allowed for five to eight days post treatment.
  • The result is super nice and I am super happy! I will definitely do it again.


Is  this strange to discuss? Yes. Is this  a real rejuvenation need? Yes!


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