How love enhances beauty

« Love makes you beautiful ». You’ve heard it before, I know. It’s sounds like a universal truth that needs no explanation. I have been reflecting on this adage lately, how it relates to our work at Forever, and also how it relates to my personal experience.

When I talk about love, I’m not only referring to the romantic sense of the word, but to its more general significance – including love for yourself, your friends, your family, your home, your hobbies, and your job.

Love creates high-energy vibrations inside and around you; it elevates your spirit. Love makes you feel confident, carefree, and grateful. When you are in love, you are more powerful, more generous, and more optimistic. How can all these positive psychological manifestations not have an equally positive impact on your looks?

At Forever, when we translate our motto – « we enhance your natural beauty » – into actual facial treatments, the aim is generally to smoothen a frown line, lift the tip of an eyebrow, restore a fleshy volume to hollow cheeks, plump-up a lip and erase bitterness lines. It’s indeed all about generosity, confidence, and looking positively happy. Just like love.

Whether we recommend a procedure or a product, in addition to its dermatological benefits we always promote the concept of self-love through self-care, and self-care through skin care. That’s the key to beauty. And that is one reason why Love is the number 1 value of our family business and business family!

On a more personal note… Last month I did some home decluttering. I went through all my belongings and carefully chose which ones to keep. In the process I opened my dusty photo albums. Flicking through the pages, I saw my face change through the years, but also through my emotional states. I noticed with some surprise that regardless of my style, haircut and silly poses, in some albums I look great, and some not so much. Looking more carefully, here’s what I saw:

I found myself really beautiful at 15, eye to eye with my dark and mysterious first love; at 20, when I published my first poem book with my grandmother; at 26, while living la dolce vita in Italy and making peace with food; then again in my early 30s when love’s big bang made me bear a child; and finally today, at 38, just when I’m learning to really love myself.


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