Closet detox: how liberating!

One of my sisters, Cyrille, introduced me to the Mari Kondo decluttering method, after she herself had several coaching sessions with @Clarity. Last weekend we detoxed my entire wardrobe.

First step: take all my clothes off their hangers and out of my drawers. The pile was surprisingly huge! Second step: try on every single item in order to sort them out. Here’s what I did not keep.

  • Comfort clothes I used to wear on those gloomy days when I feel tired and ugly. Since they actually make me look the way I feel, I thought I rather not hold on to them.
  • Clothes that make me look like a teenage girl; I can be fun and colorful and still look like a woman
  • Clothes that are not the right size; when I see that one pair of jeans I don’t fit in anymore, it makes me think my body isn’t how it should be.
  • Clothes showing a worn-out fabric
  • Clothes in which my husband did not find me beautiful

One thing I love about my wardrobe is that it’s out in the open rather than hidden inside a closet or dressing room. But this means it’s appearance must be beautiful and spark joy whenever I enter the room. Some of Mari Kondo’s tips helped me transform my wardrobe in a work of art:

  • Organize your clothes by color, starting from darkest, through colors, up to white
  • In your drawers, roll your shirts instead of piling them on top of each other; that way you see each of them much better
  • Only place one item per hanger.

If I was a Mari Kondo purist, I would have accomplished this decluttering exercise alone with my coach, but my husband participated in the process and I loved it. I always ask him how I look when I get dressed. And I think that, all these years, he thought that the only appropriate answer was “absolutely gorgeous”. But you should have seen the number of stuff he made me donate! Apparently, it was a good idea for us to create a space where he felt he was allowed to give his opinion freely. Now that’s done, we can go back to him saying “gorgeous” each time I pop the question.

When I had finished sorting out all of my clothes, I was astonished by how much I was parting with and still my wardrobe was full. I hadn’t realized how quickly you accumulate stuff without even noticing it pilling up. Decluttering was a real breath of fresh air in my bedroom and I now feel so much lighter and happier!

Photo by Guillaume Varone

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