Beautiful Legs

As summer is approaching, I have put away my tights and my legs are loving the warmth of the sun on their bare skin. Skirts and dresses are finally being worn again, which means my legs need to look beautiful.

I apply sunscreen everyday so my skin doesn’t get red or peel away. I motivate myself to work out regularly, whether its running, biking, fitness or yoga and I get excited when I feel my adductors tightening. Thanks to laser hair removal, I don’t need to worry about shaving or waxing in order to have soft skin.

Since I’ve started working in an OR (operating room), I have been trying to avoid having varicose veins. When you are standing up, the blood in your legs needs to fight gravity to reach the heart. This is rendered possible by the venous valves and venous pump (muscle contraction). If either is not working, blood accumulates in the legs and this causes dilated veins (eg, telangiectasia, varicose veins), leg edema, skin changes, or ulceration. Risk factors are mostly standing up in a static position, especially in warm environments (think hair dressers, surgeons, barmen…).

To avoid this, when I am in the OR, I wear compression stockings. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed, is put on my stockings. Then, during the day, once an hour I contract my calves fifty times each. When I arrive back home, I place my calves under cold water and, once dry, I apply Alchimie Forever Dry Skin Balm on them which contains watercress in order to keep them fresh. Finally, when I go to bed, I raise my legs by placing a pillow below my ankles.

Thanks to my routine I hope to have beautiful legs for a very long time.

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