Fashion, make-up and heels in a hospital

Five months ago, I started my medical career at the University Hospital of Vaud (CHUV). I love my new work place but definitively not for its charm, it drastically lacks any sense of beauty. To remedy this, every day I try to bring a little of my esthetics background to work.

Esthetics is a big word. Personally, I believe it starts with taking care of yourself and feeling pretty. For me every day begins with a carefully chosen outfit, makeup and heels.

I wake up at 5 am when my husband is still sleeping, so every night before going to bed, I pick out my outfit for the next day. This way, I never throw on the first piece of clothing I find, and always seem put together, even at the break of dawn.

I have a makeup routine that take 5 minutes but changes everything: brushing, filling in and shaping my eyebrows with Chanel’s Le Sourcil de Chanel, Stila’s Intense black waterproof liquid eyeliner, Chado’s Mascara Divin and lipstick (Chanel’s Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur n°5 or Elegant’s pink). If 5 minutes is already too long, I always carry a bright red or bright pink lipstick in my pocket and I apply it in the elevator (or in the car or on the bus) in 30 seconds.

I’m on my feet all day, sometimes I need to run, but not without my heels. I have a lot of comfortable three and four-inch heels that give me confidence without killing my feet. I especially love my Irregular Choice.

Even if I’m in the O.R. all day and change into scrubs as soon as I arrive at the hospital, it doesn’t matter, I start the day by looking good, which makes me feel good which make me do good.

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